Environmental Assurance

Certification of Environmental and Energy Management Systems

The awareness of people around the world about the environmental pollution and the greenhouse effect due to the reckless use of energy, chemicals, etc., and also the risk posed by the ever increasing consumption of natural resources, have led the world community to create national and global standards aimed at documenting the rational use of resources and the management of environmental impacts of the operation of various organizations / companies.

The most recognized and accepted worldwide standards are the standard for Environmental Management ISO 14001 and lately the standard for Energy Management ISO 50001.

In more and more countries around the world, consumers choose products made by companies with demonstrated awareness of environmental protection, and even the companies themselves, in their partners / suppliers assessment, tend to prefer those who implement a system of environmental and / or energy management.

As the implementation of these standards requires compliance with relevant legislation (either state or in some cases harmonized European Union or even global legislation), certified companies have a significant competitive advantage as opposed to similar non-certified companies since the certification is a documented proof of the existence of environmental ‘culture’ which governs all stages of operation.

Q-CERT, with a team of experienced auditors / inspectors, offers accredited certification services for the requirements of these standards.