ELOT 1435

ELOT 1435 aims at Organizations providing Communication Services and specifically to:

  • Advertizing companies.
  • Companies scheduling and buying Media space/time.
  • PR companies.
  • Sales promotion and direct marketing companies.
  • Companies forming distinctive mark.

Certification to this standard is a prerequisite for any company of this sector biding at tenders of the Public and Wider Public Sectors as enacted by N. 3688/2008 Law (Government Gazette 163/A/2008).

Furthermore, the implementation and certification of a management system in accordance with the requirements of this standard contribute in:

  • Understanding and meeting the requirements (of laws, clients etc).
  • Collecting and managing of data which is related to the performance and effectiveness of the Organization’s operational processes.
  • Continuous improving processes through monitoring objectively measurable goals, and
  • Evaluating procedures in such a way that the results can provide added value to the system.