Politica della Qualità


Q-CERT Quality Policy

Q-CERT’s Top Management is committed to providing and maintaining management system, product certification services, and verification activities, that are discrete, impartial, objective, non-discriminatory, free of conflict of interest, ethical, professional, and focused to legal and other implied or expressed requirements for the benefit of all interested and relevant parties. 

The top management of Q-CERT will ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization.  Objectives for quality are documented by the Board of Members and are reviewed at management review meetings for effectiveness.

Q-CERT Quality Objectives as Established by Q-CERT’s top management are

  1. To maintain effective customer communication throughout the certification cycle
  2. To review continuously customer perception of our service, and to achieve customer satisfaction for current or future requirements.
  3. Provide professional, trained and qualified auditors to our customers, based on criteria of relative ISO, ESYD, ACCREDIA documents and Q-CERT requirements.
  4. To maintain the impartiality of our organization and all of its members, during all the phases of the certification process in all sectors of industry, by documenting, identifying and eliminating any possible hazards that can threaten our impartiality
  5. To maintain confidentiality of all the data and information that is reviewed

The responsibility

  • to communicate the quality policy
  • for the implementation of the Q-CERT Quality Management System
  • to ensure that the procedures and processes required for the proper operation of the management system
  • to report directly to the top management on the performance of the management system

is assigned to the Quality Manager of Q-CERT