The GGFSA add-on is specifically crafted for producers seeking a seamless integration of GLOBALG.A.P. certification, such as Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) or Crops for Processing (CfP), with FSA verification. This streamlined approach ensures efficient auditing processes.

Designed to be audited concurrently with IFA or CfP, the GGFSA is applicable to farms that include Fruit and vegetables, Combinable crops, Plant propagation material, and Hops within their scope. Producers or producer groups have the flexibility to choose the crops audited against GGFSA, provided these crops fall within the scope of the IFA or CfP standards. Notably, GGFSA does not extend to the production of flowers and ornamentals.

Similar to IFA, GGFSA applies to both individual producers (Option 1) and producer groups (Option 2). For producer groups, additional requirements for the quality management system (QMS) are in place, ensuring accurate accounting for FSA volumes and scores (traceability) and promoting continuous improvement post-initial audit.

Compliance with GGFSA undergoes auditing every three years by accredited and independent third-party Certification Bodies (CBs), conducted in conjunction with an Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) or Crops for Processing (CfP) audit.

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