Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) for fruits and vegetables is a global standard focusing on good agricultural practices at the primary production level. It adopts a holistic approach that encompasses key aspects such as food safety, environmental sustainability, workers’ well-being, production processes, and traceability.
This standard consistently meets Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) requirements and aligns with UN Global Compact Food and Agribusiness Principles and Sustainable Development Goals.

Open to farmers worldwide, IFA applies to various production systems, including small farms and controlled environments. It provides certification options for individual producers and groups.

IFA v6 for fruits and vegetables has two editions:

  • IFA v6 Smart (GLOBALG.A.P.’s flagship): Suitable for most producers, embracing the full GLOBALG.A.P. philosophy.
  • IFA v6 GFS: Designed for producers needing GFSI-recognized certification.

Both editions are accepted for BRCGS- and IFS-certified post-farm-gate product handling units. The choice depends on customer requirements.

Q-CERT S.A. is accredited by ESYD for both IFA v6 versions and can assist in almost every country. Contact us for more information.
Applicable documents are available here.