The GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice (GRASP) serves as an add-on to evaluate workers’ well-being at the farm level, covering four critical social responsibility topics: workers’ voice, human and labor rights information, human and labor rights indicators, and child and young workers’ protection.

Integrated into the Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA), GRASP builds upon IFA principles and criteria (P&Cs) related to workers’ health and safety. It addresses significant topics such as labor and human rights, workers’ representation, and the safeguarding of children and young workers. This robust evaluation checklist allows producers, regardless of their farm type or size, to assess, enhance, and demonstrate responsible social practices.

GRASP is applicable to all types and sizes of farms, ranging from smallholders to larger cooperatives, and includes producers with hired or subcontracted labor as well as family farms. Recognizing the unique circumstances of family farms where only core family members work (with no hired labor), an abbreviated checklist is used, containing fewer P&Cs (15 in total), with those not applicable to family farms removed.

Both individual producers (Options 1 and 3) and producer groups (Options 2 and 4) can apply GRASP. For producer groups, additional requirements are in place for the Quality Management System (QMS).

Q-CERT S.A., having received final approval from GLOBALG.A.P., is prepared to provide further information. Contact us for details.

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