The SPRING (Sustainable Program for Irrigation and Groundwater Use) add-on is a valuable tool for producers, supply chain stakeholders, and buyers seeking to showcase their dedication to responsible on-farm water stewardship. This comprehensive checklist addresses a diverse array of topics, including water use and extraction rates, legal compliance, protection of water sources, and watershed management.

When combined with the Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) for fruit and vegetables, the SPRING add-on adheres to the Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables’ (SIFAV) Basket of Water Standards. Notably, SPRING v2 has earned recognition from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Spain, establishing itself as one of the premier farm-level water certification options.

Proven through extensive use, the SPRING add-on has gained the trust of stakeholders in over 25 countries worldwide. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to provide a robust framework for assessing and improving on-farm water practices, making it a reliable choice for those committed to sustainable and responsible water management. Discover more information here.