Crops for Processing (CfP) stands as a global standard championing responsible farming practices tailored for crops destined for further processing. This holistic standard streamlines production processes by eliminating redundant steps typically carried out by both producers and processors.

CfP is a farm-level, nonaccredited standard designed for producers of fruit, vegetables, and combinable crops. It caters specifically to those supplying produce exclusively for further processing in the supply chain, spanning activities such as freezing, juicing, roasting, milling, precooking, and more, including ingredients for animal feed. Recognizing the unique risks in producing crops for processing, the standard integrates actions taken by processors at agreed control points, effectively minimizing production step duplication.

Key to CfP is the requirement for processors to undertake necessary “kill steps” mitigating food safety risks, with all processors mandated to hold certifications recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), including BRCGS, International Featured Standards (IFS), and Food Safety System Certification (FSSC).

CfP is adaptable to both covered and noncovered production, offering certification options for individual producers (single site and multisite producers) and producer groups, including smallholders.

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