• Supply Chain Certification (Traceability)
  • Application of Mass Balance/Natural Segregation Rules
  • Distribution of Sustainability A-materials, distributing sustainable raw materials to certified final products, following specific mass balance rules.
  • Identification of Raw Materials & Use of Voluntary Add-ons: Identifying raw materials and using voluntary add-ons such as the 205-01 “GHG Emissions.”
  • Ability to Make Specific Claims by Third Parties based on defined rules.
  • Contribution to Combat Deforestation
  • Contribution to the Protection of Biodiversity and Carbon-Rich Soils
  • Plastics
  • Textiles
  • Packaging
  • Agricultural origin (Bio)
  • Animal origin (Bio circular)
  • Organic waste origin (e.g., used cooking oil, animal fats, fish oil) (Bio circular)
  • Car tires (circular)
  • Recycled plastics (circular)
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