Management Personnel

  • Managing/Executive Director: Lazaros D. Karanikas.Lazaros has a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics, with an emphasis on Software Development and with significant experience in quality management systems. He is the co-founder of Q-CERT and executive director of the organization.
  • Director of Certification, Assistant General Director and Quality Manager: Vasilis Nasiopoulos.Vasilis is a Petroleum Engineer with many years of lab experience in polymers research and technology, and as an author of management system audit techniques. Lead Auditor ISO 9001, ELOT 1435, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001/ELOT 1801.
  • Information Manager: Giannis Tzivikopoulos.Giannis is responsible for the administration of all information management matters in Q-CERT.
  • Financial Manager: Eleni K. Mpakirtzi.Eleni is responsible for Q-CERT’s financial administration and also a principal of Q-CERT.