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Migration to the new version of EN ISO 22000:2018 standard

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Dear all,
On June 2018 the new version of the EN ISO 22000:2018 standard which replaces the current version (EN ISO 22000:2005) has been issued.
Based on the requirements of IAF (International Accreditation Forum), those of our Accreditation Body (ESYD) and according to our procedures the following apply:
1) There is a three (3) years transition period for migrating to the new standard.
2) All EN ISO 22000:2005 certificates will not be valid beyond June 29, 2021.1
Note: Those who have a certificate issued by Q-CERT and have a validity (Certification Period Ending) beyond June 29, 2021 should be aware that their Certification Period Ending is June 29, 2021 and not the one documented on the certificate.
Transition Procedure to the new version of the standard (EN ISO 22000:2018)
There are two possibilities for transition to the new version of the standard within the certification cycle:
1) Conduct the transition during a routine surveillance or recertification audit. In this case additional audit time of at least two (2) to four (4) hours depending on the complexity and the size of the company will be needed (additional charge may apply).
2) Conduct the transition as a standalone (special) audit. In this case at least half a day of audit will be needed, and it will be charged.
Should you have any questions regarding the migration process don’t hesitate to conduct us at
For the transition process you can also be informed by ESYD’s web page in the following link:

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